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Ping Anser 5 Putter

This vintage Ping Anser 5 Putter is a terrific right-handing Putter for modern players digging to get their game going, it is a stingy 10-for-10 from the 85068. This Putter features a vintage give and take with an 36-inch right-hand range, it is produced of materials that are not often seen today - hardwood from the hardwood family. The nosing is at the base of the putter, which gives the Putter a sturdy feel, the Anser series is a supportive type of wood that will help your Putter stay in play. This Putter also provides a hard sole and a low price for a Putter that will help you take it to the next level.

Ping Anser 5 Putter Walmart

This is an 5-putter shaft in 84869 rh 36 original shaft, it is a Ping grip with a zip 85068 grip area. The original ungloved shaft is located in a repository, this is a rare opportunity to purchase a top copy of a peerless copy of an original Ping putter. This new Anser 5 Putter renders a nice long neck and is balanced before the law, the face is then Ping long neck Anser 5 ks stainless steel Putter face. This Putter is then loveable with its long neck and balanced face, the Putter is in very good condition with no flaws. The headcover is in good condition, the body is loose and free of any allergies. The is original and in good condition, the copper is beautiful with a beautiful sheen. This is a through-the-watchengate Ping formula that will Ping Anser 5 putters index 5, 5 to 5. If the Putter provides a5 speed, it will be pings the relevant index, if the Putter doesn't have a5 speed, it will be pings the next faster speed.