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Odyssey Putters

The Odyssey putters have a new stroke lab feature that makes these putters even more advanced, this putter gives an 2-ball blade and a pistol grip. It-2-balls is the new surrogate to play tennis, the Odyssey putters are made of durable materials that will withstand even the most vigorous play. Plus, the triple track design offers plenty of space to move the putter according to your own game plan.

Odyssey Putters White Hot

The Odyssey putters are first-class for admirers who yearn to get into putter dating, they have a white hard response that is top-of-the-heap for lovers who are wanting for a bit of heat to their game. The putters also have a reporting time of 14 seconds which is top-grade for people who wish to track their progress, the Odyssey white hot xg 7 putter is a top-of-the-heap putter for medium to high-level players. It is manufactured of plastic and imparts a black body with a white hot branding, the putter renders a strong feel and is uncomplicated to control. The new Odyssey stroke lab putter is a first-class mix of super stroked technology and simple operation, this putter is designed for use in professional golf, providing a smooth ball flight and straightforward putter control. The stroke lab putter is one of the most stroked putters on the market, providing a highly anticipated smooth ball flight and facile putter control, the Odyssey triple track double wide stroke lab putter 34 putter is a putter that environments will desire for their golf swing. It extends a tough, yet delicate look to it that will make players feel comfortable in any setting, this putter is manufactured with a tough, yet sensitive construction that will make players feel comfortable in any situation. The putter also provides a wide stroke width of 10 inches and a comfortable feel.