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Ben Hogan Putters Vintage

This Ben Hogan putter is a rare Vintage example, it imparts an 1405 model and is in excellent condition. It is only over $100 online at this price.

Top 10 Ben Hogan Putters Vintage

This Ben Hogan putters is in Vintage condition and is in excellent condition! It is an 35 putter and features the player's name and logo on the head of the putter, the putter is furthermore side by side with other Ben Hogan putters to see how they compare. This putter is in excellent condition and would make an exceptional addition to your golfing collection! This is a Vintage Ben Hogan radial putter for radials, it is an 35 mm putter and features a brass grip. It is still in the original box with the original instructions for use, this putter is a best-in-class addition to the Vintage Ben Hogan line of putters. This Ben Hogan putter is a Vintage staple and is in beneficial condition, it features a brass head with a gold-colored grip and is set with a gold-coloredvintage spine. This putter is dated 1935 and renders the all-black Hogan name on the side, this piece is from the time period and is from the us. This putter is around 10" tall and is in first-class condition, this Ben Hogan putters is a Vintage mallet that was used in a strong case of patent legal action. The mallet is an 1425 putter and it is a right-handed one-holster, it looks like Ben Hogan decided to handle this as an example of a patent legal putter. The dimensions are also good for a putter that will work in today's game, this is an excellent example of a Vintage mallet that was used in a patent legal action and is again a good value at $5.