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Rife Switchback One Putter

The Rife Switchback One Putter is a golf ball-sized Putter that offers a struggles-free transition from One hand to the other, this Putter is produced with 34 super-stroke pistol-gauge balls, making it best-in-class for the new golfer or those who itch to learn the game. The Putter also features a hard, durable body that will last for years of use.

Rife Switchback One Putter Ebay

This Rife Switchback One Putter is a left hand Putter that uses a sharp spine on the bottom of the club, the club provides a sharp spine and a wide face for deep control. The top of the Putter gives an angled face that makes for deep carry and control, this Putter is conjointly at -2 degrees. The Rife Switchback One Putter headcover will protect your head from tears and the dichroic fabric is fabricated to keep you scouring tactics, news, social media and more, the guerin Rife Switchback One Putter is avirginia-made Putter that features an 34 superstroke pistol-grippy system. It was developed in-house by guerin and is in use by some of the world's best players, the Switchback design gives you nipper action, making it beneficial for close range play. The Rife Switchback One Putter golf club is a high quality, lightweight Putter that offers a guerin player a masterpiece Putter that can be used for both practice and play, the One Putter renders a lightweight design that makes it effortless to hold and hit, yet is a high quality Putter that can handle a lot of power. The Switchback One Putter presents a thin blade, making it thin and lightweight, and a headcover to keep your head warm, this Putter is a top-rated choice for enthusiasts hunting for a lightweight and high quality putter.