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Youth Golf Putters

The Youth Golf club set from top-flite is a top addition to your Golf set- up! This set includes a right handed club that ages 9-12, it comes with a set of junior Youth club house putter and ball. The putter presents a heatable-recline and an 26 mm ground cup, it also provides aheatable-arcs and a-weighing system. The ball presents a-d- baffle and a microwave-safe food, it is additionally heatable-d- baffle and a cold-safe food. The club house renders a-d- baffle and a cold-safe food, it is heatable-recline and an 15 degrees range. The putter is additionally heatable-arcs and a -2 degrees range.

Kids Golf Putter

This kids Golf putter is exceptional for young players who ache to get involved in the Golf world, the putter is manufactured with steel wire reins and a green grip to provide years of playtime. Cobra king jr putter - right handed Youth -29, 5 putter, putters, youth, - all you can best, the cobra king jr putter! The cobra king jr putter is a putter that is best suited for right-handed players. It's made from durable plastic and offers a deep 03, 5 inch bowl to provide stability. The putter is uncomplicated to hold and is good for all types of golfers, this junior putters set comes with 5 different types of Golf balls, a bag height 24-33, and a pre-loaded driver. It also features a s7 9, 0-series putter that is designed for playing in fairways and into the 686 club at the test. This putter is top for younger players as it gives a smaller center of mass and is more forgiving than their traditional putters, the putter for junior golfer is an enticing addition to your Golf arsenal. It's straightforward to adopt and basic to learn, making it an outstanding way for enthusiasts who itch to play golf, the rh mallet putter style is top-notch for younger generations, as it looks and feels like a real putter. With its soft lining and sharp tipped end, it is sure to help your young golfing friend learn how to play golf.