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Wilson Harmonized M5 Putter

The Wilson Harmonized M5 Putter is an unique Putter that homage the 35 the head, it gives a complex design that is top for low-atively playing. This Putter is fabricated with a water-resistant covered material that will never lose its shape, plus, the new M5 shaft provides a more t-shaped design that is exquisite for left-to-right play.

Wilson M5 Putter

The Wilson M5 Putter is an enticing way for people digging for putter, it is produced with a right-handed design and features 5 this Putter is designed to provide good performance on the golf course. Looking for a Putter that is going to give you the best possible results? Don't look anywhere than the Wilson m5, this Putter is manufactured with a Harmonized system that helps to create a more consistent ball flight. The M5 also extends a high-quality 34 rh weight, making it a first-class surrogate for people who covet to play competitively, the Wilson Harmonized m6 Putter is a steel right-hander that is produced to be hand-eye-cage compatible with all types of drivers. It features a Harmonized design that is designed to make everyone feel the ball’s power, the Putter is in like manner hand-err-cage compatible and features a durable finish that will last for years. The Wilson staff Harmonized Putter is a high-quality Putter that extends been designed with a smooth, challenging feel in mind, the Putter is manufactured with a variety of materials including wood, plastic, and metal to give it a high degree of durability and beauty.