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Wilson 8806 Putter

The Wilson 8806 Putter is splendid for enthusiasts who are wanting for a durable and reliable putter, the Putter is produced of forged brass and offers a milled brass face. This Putter is enticing for a person wanting for a top-quality experience.

Top 10 Wilson 8806 Putter

The Wilson staff is a rare Wilson putter, it is only available to be created through player way and through a certain date. The Putter is designed to be as fast and as wide as possible without sacrificing speed or width, the Wilson 8806 forged brass Putter is a peerless way for suitors hunting for a high-quality putter. It features a fluted steel 34 that is that gives a tight grip and is v-shaped for stability, the Putter also features an 5255 sunburst design that is highly coveted by putters. This Putter is available in both black and white fluted steel and is produced to provide the player with the best control and power, the Wilson 8806 Putter is a sturdy, full-width Putter that was designed for golf. It imparts a fluted steel 34 single piece head into which the driver renders been appropriated, the head is then fluted and adjusted for feel and power. The Wilson 8806 Putter is moreover built to be environmentally friendly as it is manufactured with brass fluting and is finished with a black coating, the Wilson 8806 is a forged brass Putter that features a rh the Putter is a nice addition to all golf course. It is a good quality Putter and will last long, the brass imparts been designed to be be for years of reliable performance. The Putter is fabricated of milled brass and extends an 34 steel blade, the Putter is also Putter with a heavy feel.