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Taylormade Tp Putter Weights

Combine the fit Taylormade Tp collection Putter Weights with the wrench combo you get in the set, and you have a Putter that can handle any ball, this Putter also features taylormade's trademark quality and performance in the construction.

2PCS Weights for TaylorMade TP Collection&Spider,Spider FCG Putters 5/10/15/20g
2x Golf Weight for Taylormade TP Collection Putter Mullen Balboa Soto Ardmore 20
NEW Taylormade TP Collection Putter Weights (Pair) + Wrench Combo 10g

NEW Taylormade TP Collection Putter

By FOR TaylorMade


Golf Weight +Wrench +Case for Taylormade TP Collection/Spider Mini/Truss Putters

Taylormade Ardmore Putter Weights

The Taylormade ardmore Putter weight tool is an excellent tool for collegiate putters, it helps you to give your putts more weight, and to keep your putts more trembly. This tool also helps you to check your putts more often, and to try different weighting in your putters, the Taylormade Putter collection is designed to help you four-time winner taylor made make your first steps in the cut-championephotos. From no, 12 left to start your journey to the no. 6 position, we have you covered, with Weights and instructions, you can take your golf game to the next level. The Taylormade Tp collection Putter Weights are top substitute to add some extra weight to your game, this set includes an 5 g Putter weight and an 10 g Putter weight. The 15 g Putter weight and the 20 g Putter weight are best-in-class alternative to help keep your ball head turned down, the combo features the 5 g Putter weight and the 10 g Putter weight. These Putter Weights will help increase your putt game and help you get more distance on your shots, the Taylormade Putter Weights are sensational for the mini putter! They are 5 g10 g15 g20 g and they make a beneficial Putter for children or beginners. The 10 g15 g20 g is for experts and this Putter imparts a very solid feel, the Putter imparts a very small weight and is very uncomplicated to use.