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Piretti Putters

Piretti putters are the perfect way to improve your golfing skills. They are original and have ahexing burr which is perfect for the new golfer. They are also free of bearings and other.

Piretti Capri Tour Only putter
piretti 488 elite black

piretti 488 elite black

By Piretti


Piretti Putter Cover

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Used Piretti Putters

The piretti cottonwood 2 has a new headcover and original headcover. This putter is perfect for anyone looking for a new putter. this is a very clean piretti cottonwood putter. It has a little wear from use but is still in great condition. The headcover is mint! This putter is also place of origin. It ismontres le tasche di frontia. the piretti putters are a great example of how a great putter can be improved. This series has a original headcover and a number of other features, all of which make it a great putter. The putters are also quiet and easy to use, making them great for practice. the piretti putter is a short, medium and long range putter that is used for distance control. It is currently the most popular putter in the world of golf. The putter is made from durable materials that have been tested to withstand tough competition. The long range putter can easily take down trees and was designed with a high degree of stability.