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Old Ping Putters

This is a very rare 1969 Ping putter in the 35 right hand, this putter is part of a series and is known as the "kartenberg" putter. It is known for its high quality and its large number of reserved chips, this putter is moreover well-made with a sharpened stone and a tough plastic case. It is sure to please any golfer.

Vintage Ping Putters

These Ping putters are historic classic and unequaled for a by-the-by player, the nuts and bolts design with a who king can be used in any game, makes these putters a beneficial surrogate for any championship game. This classic Ping putters is a terrific substitute for suitors who desiderate a simple putter that is uncomplicated to learn, the scottsdale putter is a hand-stamping putter that was created by scottsdale putters. It is a hand-stamping putter that was created by scottsdale putters, this Ping is an Old one and extends been used often. It is a little round and extends a little grove of rice on it, it is still in good condition. This Ping putter was made in 1960 by Old ping, it is a late 1960 s era 85029 zipcode 35 putter. It is excellent in shape and gives an excellent 85029 zipcode 35 shape, it is very durable and should be used for many years.