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Lead Tape Putter

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Putter Lead Tape

The Putter Lead Tape is a terrific surrogate to add swing weight to your golf clubs and tennis rackets, it is again an effective surrogate to keep your Putter in good condition, as well. Lead Tape Putter wedges are unequaled for taking first steps in the world of golf, the leaders are self-adhering and have shape. They're top-of-the-line for wedges and close-cannon points, the Lead Tape is then used to hold the joint in place as well as able to clean the piece. This Lead Tape is puissant for use with golf players, tennis players, and fishing enthusiasts who desiderate to maintain their Lead weight, the 12 rolls give you the ability to create a large amount of Lead Tape for each activity. This Lead Tape is conjointly uncomplicated to deal with and does not have any special properties that could make it difficult to tear, Lead Tape sticky back strips to add swing weight golf clubs Putter tennis racket.