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Fluted Putter Shaft

Putter Fluted steel Shaft Putter grip rh.

Fluted Putter Shaft Walmart

The putters, biz bulls eye standard Putter Fluted Shaft is a rubber grip Putter that is original and fluted. It is fabricated of durable rubber and extends a standard Putter shape, this Putter is produced of anti-vibration durable materials that will last long with proper care. The Putter Shaft is high quality, high performance and first-rate for modern gaming, the dual force rossie ii Putter Shaft is Fluted with a steel Shaft that extends a d-shaped flange that appears as if it is forced by a brooch. The d-shaped flange is Fluted with a right-handed appealing design that is in keeping with the rossie ii putter's right-handed grip, the Putter extends a natural digging headshell and flesh color in the form of the rossie ii putter's name. The Putter offers a heavyduty feel to it and is manufactured to last by using high quality materials, this Putter Shaft is Fluted with a steel center that is attached to a leather grip. The Putter Shaft is then attached to a hardwood Shaft which helps to create a "bullseye" pattern, the vtg 34 putters. Biz bulls eye Putter Fluted Shaft is enticing for enthusiasts hunting for a heavy-bladed putter, this Putter Shaft is produced from a tough and durable material that will provide your player with the best possible protection.