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Cleveland Rho Putter

The Cleveland tfi Rho Putter 36 in rh steel shaft mallet is a splendid Putter for players digging for a strong, durable ball, it features an 36 in steel shaft and a mallet that is 1. 5" wide, the Putter also features a key disc and wood Putter foot for increased distance and control.

Cleveland Rho Putter Walmart

The Cleveland golf tfi Rho smart square 33 Putter golf club is a top-notch addition to your golf set-up! This Putter is simple, sleek and effective - peerless for any player digging for a little more power in their golfing range, with its simple design and relevant keywords, the Cleveland Putter will get you into your game early and keep you in the game through to the very end. The Rho Putter 36 is an 36-hole Putter that Cleveland will use in their 2022 Rho season, the Putter is built around a rh steel shaft and mallet in a black and red design. The Putter is in need of a new mallet and the Rho team is ready to put together their own putter, this Putter is full of features and is sure to provide improved results against all types of golfers. It provides a steel shaft and mallet that provides years of use and protection, the 36" length is top-of-the-line for any foot of the game. The Cleveland Rho Putter is a Putter designed to help players find their ball and play effectively, the Putter is produced of durable plastic and extends a small seed life. Players can hit the ball through the chamfered edge and into the carry bar, making it a first-class Putter for players searching to find their ball and play effectively.